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Smart School Management Solution

Running a educational institution that delivers optimum value to all stakeholders in the education ecosystem at reduced cost is very critical in making quality education accessible to all in the 21st century. In Africa particularly, with its growing population and increasing need for quality education for her fast growing youthful population, technology will play a major role in positioning schools to harness this huge opportunity sustainably and yet profitably.

The Smart school management system is an all in one solution that helps schools deliver quality, standard education at reduced administration and management cost with a very unique and desirable benefits to all the stakeholders in the educational system



  • Customised Dashboard for Different Stakeholders
  • Multiple School Management
  • Improved Administration Efficiency
  • Automated Registration and Admission
  • Easy and Central Data Collection, Storage and Access
  • Online Payment and Fees Collection
  • Easy and Fast Information dissemination
  • Cost effective one point solution for total school management


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